First Love

Contains my short story, BLANCA.
A follow-up to my story, ALICIA.
Published by Summer Solstice.

That magic moment for a teen. The realization that the person you’ve liked is a little more than a friend. Chance meetings. Old friendships. Even a social media post. These can all lead to that first love.

Authors M.A. Cortez, Gloria Weber, Vanayssa Somers, Margaret Egrot, Josie Montano, K.C. Sprayberry, Pauline Prentiss, and Mya O’Malley bring you tales of teens in the throes of their first romance.

Print Book: $16.99
AmazonSolstice Publishing

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Jackson is pretty sure his late father’s protégé, Dorndorf, is a dirty cop and a murderer. That is until Leon Bennet, the supposed murder victim, suddenly reappears. In tow isn’t Leon’s foreigner girlfriend, but a new girl named Blanca. She needs Dorndorf’s help to find her grandfather. In a matter of hours Jackson goes from wanting to save his late father’s reputation to saving a girl he barely met. But can he handle the secret Leon, Blanca, and Dorndorf share?

E-Book: $0.99
AmazonSolstice Publishing


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