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Gloria Weber – Writer – Ohio
Mom of 2 & Wife of 1 – Many Pets – Comic Shop Manager

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Gloria Weber lives in Ohio with her husband, son, daughter, and many pets.  She has been writing for publication since March 2006 and over a dozen of her short stories have been published.  Her day job, comic shop manager, isn’t so much work as it is frolicking in her natural habitat.

Let’s Be BFFs! Version

Gloria Weber was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but she’s not Puerto Rican.  Her mother is Canadian and her father is Cuban, so she’s been spending most her life trying to figure out what the heck she actually is.  She met her husband when she was nineteen and has been with him ever since.  They had a son together, got married, had a daughter, bought a house, and started filling it with pets (in that order).  The current pets are Mr. Darcy (mouse), Jester (Syrian hamster), Oreo (crested guinea pig that belongs to her husband). Maleficent (male betta fish), Juliet (husky), Romeo (lovable mutt), and three chickens named after Sailor Jupiter from the anime SAILOR MOON (Kino, Makoto, and Lita).

Family friend and fellow writer, Paul Jessup, is her writing mentor and he was the first one to publish her work.  Her first short story, THE BRANCHES OF THE TREE, appeared in his first issue of GRENDELSONG MAGAZINE.  Gloria also had a novel, GASLIGHT DEMONS, published by Morbidgames Publishing back in 2009, but it is sadly out of print.  In 2016 Gloria gave self-publishing a try with her novella UNMASKING: LEMON’S THESIS.  Hopefully, there will be more soon.

Gloria’s hobbies are many, so she’s always behind on them.  Weekly she gets together with her friends to play role-playing games, like DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS.  She watches anime when she doesn’t have an Arrow-verse or Marvel show to watch.  Her preferred music at the moment is K-Pop.  On rare occasion, she finds time to play video games, so she is likely still playing Okami on her PS2 (if not Harvest Moon).   Being a geek has landed her one of the holy grail geek jobs, comic shop manager.

Lightning Round!
Favorite Disney Princess: Belle – Favorite Letter: L – Favorite Number: 27 – Favorite Color: Purple – Favorite Aquatic Animal: Whale Shark – Favorite Animal: Giraffe – Favorite Genre to Read: Historical Romance – Animal Most Resemble: Sloth – Loves Flan

If you want to contact Gloria,
click this link to go to her contact page.

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