The Ghost Is the Machine

The Blurb:
An Anthology of Steampunk Inspired Ghost Stories

The Ghost IS the Machine – Steampunk meets Horror and the machines might just win.

Machines define human society.

But that doesn’t mean they have to play nice.

A new collection of steampunk inspired ghost stories from some of the best rising talent in speculative fiction. Plus a genre gem by Stoker Award-winning, New York Times-bestselling author Joe Hill.

Take a ride on the treacherous Thunderdrome. Entrust your future to Life-Bright Augmentation Facilities. Go on a journey with the head of the Leon Salvatorium Corporation. And click off a few with your second-hand Polaroid.

Just don’t be surprised if the mantle clock, piano or that classic typewriter is watching you from across the room.
Fifteen tales of haunted machines from Joe Hill, Matthew Alan Hughes, Christian A. Larsen, Kenneth W. Cain, Doug MacKenzie, Anton Cancre, Eric J. Guignard, Jay Wilburn, Gloria Weber, Kristopher Triana, Jonathan Templar, J. David Anderson, Alexis A. Hunter, Rose Blackthorn, and Rob Smales

Edited and Introduced by Patrick Scalisi

Print $16.00
Kindle $4.99
Nook $4.99

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