OUT NOW: Gaslight Demons!

Sophia Nogard is the youngest Occult Officer in the organization’s history. Her boss, Chief Wizard Unver, has been trying to get her fired, or better yet killed, with every assignment he gives her. But Sophia’s daily struggles are nothing compared to the magical menace plaguing the city. He’s out for blood and some of that blood belongs to people Sophia knows. This makes things personal and Sophia finds her walking the gaslight filled night trying to find the truth without exposing her secret. Because, with every breath she takes, Sophia breaks the laws she has sworn to protect. Sophia Nogard is a half-demon abomination and things are getting demonically ugly.

Pages: 222

ePub Price: $2.99
Available At: Barnes & Noble

Kindle Price: $2.99
Available At: Amazon

PDF Price: $2.99 (E23 & Piazo have it at $10 original price)
PDF Available  AtDriveThruRPGDriveThruFantasyRPGNOWYourGamesNowE23Paizo

Book Trailer:


Link to Official Publisher’s Page
Cover Font by: Ezkiel Hughes

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