Gaslight Demons Virtual Book Tour!

Stop #7 – December 21, 2009
Blog Owner: Jess Hartley. Her site says it best: “author, game-designer, editor, and all around wordsmith.”  Add in that she also does the weekly advice column One Geek to Another (where my guest post is appearing).
Topic: Do’s and Don’ts of Selling a Short Story

Stop #6 – December 9, 2009
Blog Owner: Berin Kinsman.  He’s a former bookstore manager, current RPG consultant for hire, and maker of non-setting- specific supplements.   WIRED’s GeekDad Blog named him the “father figure of RPG bloggers.”
Topic: Breaking The Law

Stop #5 – December 2, 2009
Blog Owner: Leigh Dragoon.  We met while she was an editor at Byzarium, which is sadly on indefinite hiatus.  On top of that she is also a writer and an artist.  She drew the cover of and has a short story in Twisted Fairy Tale Anthology [Lulu | Amazon] and aided in My Inner Bimbo.
Topic: Protection

Stop #4 – November 25, 2009
Blog Owner: Michelle Muenzler.  She is a published short story writer living in Texas.  She has a keen eye for fiction critiques and some of the funniest Gmail statuses around.
Topic: Character Goals

Stop #3 – November 18, 2009
Blog Owner: Paul Jessup.  I owe a lot of him, for he’s taught me many things about the writing world.  Buy his surrealist Space Opera Open Your Eyes or pre-order his short story collection Glass Coffin Girls.
Topic: Character Guilt

Stop #2 – November 11, 2009
Blog Owner: Rachel J. She is a lot like me: gamer, writer, mother, and fangirl (her fandom these days: BCC shows).
Topic: Villains exploiting people connected to the hero

Stop #1 – November 6, 2009
Blog Owner: Marion Driessen.  A resident of Holland, Marion is a sweet writer and an awesome gamer.  Berin Kinsmen named her on his weekly RPG People to Follow on Twitter, October 30th.
Topic: What is a virtual book tour? (Same post at her 2nd blog.)

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